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The area

The area

From 120 km of Paris, from 20 km East of Orleans, Donnery, our village is crossed by the Oussance river and the Orleans Canal .

Loiret is generally chosen to escape the city. A all found destination to stay in green area , between countryside, heritage and natural sites.

Guaranteed fresh air !


Sully sur Loire
St Benoit sur Loire.
Moisson à La Ferme de La Poterie
Sous Bois en forêt d'Orléans
festival de Loire à Orléans
coucher soleil loire
L'ecluse à Donnery, canal d'orléans
Arboretum d'Ingrannes
La Loire à vélo
Cathédrale d'Orléans


The Loiret in the Loire Valley

       Crossed from east to west by the Loire, the Loiret lives with the majestic rhythm of the river ... Sometimes impetuous, sometimes quiet and serene that never detracts from its legendary elegance. coaxing light, sweet life at the water's edge, noble trees and fresh scents gleaned over a stroll in the heart of the forest of Orléans or Montargis, and foster grandiose expanses of Beauce and Sologne .. . will attract your eyes.
        At the heart of the Centre region, urban activity Loiret is polarized around its largest city, Orleans a beautiful heritage city, the provincial atmosphere peacefully. The city of Orleans has many historic buildings, the historic center of Orleans was partially destroyed by bombing in 1940, but several buildings remain, like Orléans Cathedral, Groslot building, Pont Royal, the house of Joan of Arc, which includes the museum of Joan of Arc, the museum of fine arts, the museum of natural history.
There is a thalassotherapy center beside a golf course closed south of Orléans.

Things to see and to do: the must-see of the Loiret:    

  It is not possible to miss the visit of the city of Orléans and its heritage.

Then, place to the natural regions of the Loiret:

The Loire Valley and its historical heritage, classified by Unesco, Sologne, its forests and ponds, the Beauce agricultural, Montargis, the Gâtinais and its terroir ...   

      For activities, it usually happens outside, outdoors: walking routes, walking, cycling or even horse riding, water sports, river tourism, golf, etc .. Buildings around the Loire there is  the Orléans canal, the Gien viaduct, the Briare canal bridge, the Beaugency bridge and the Chatillon-sur-Loire bridge.

      Some remarkable buildings : Château de Sully sur Loire , Château de Chamerolles , L'abbaye de Saint Benoit sur Loire

      Beautiful gardens: Parc Floral de La Source, Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères à Ingrannes.

      Some small but charming : Le parc du Poutyl à Olivet, Le parc du château à Chateauneuf sur Loire,

les jardins du château de Chamerolles

      Beside Pithiviers , half an hour, a village, classified "most beautiful village of France":  Yèvre le Chatel



Walking on the Loire tempt you :                             

  Orleans canal is included  in Eurovelo 3 course  and  from 6 km of Eurovelo 6

Specialties of the Loiret:

          What is nice with the rural departments is that we are guaranteed to discover good products from the soil;

The Loiret is famous for its honey, le safran du Gâtinais, Fruits and vegetables, game, river fish, cheeses, etc ...

  Pralines de Mazet, cotignacs,  Pithiviers famous cakes,  Martin Pouret vinegar etc... For going with everything the

vins de l'Orléanais will delight the palate, and to digest, a famous alcool: la poire d'Olivet ! 

Festivals and events:

Among the many departmental events , the wellknow is the Johannine festival in Orleans, celebrating the liberation of the city by Joan of Arc and its army: shows, parades, period costumes ... Every year at the beginning of May.

Loire festival, sumptuous festival on the banks of the Loire, organized every two years at the end of September.

A Jargeau,le carnaval a lieu tous les ans durant deux week end en Février. 

The tourist office web site to find all the activities and events of the "Val de Loire and Orléans forest"

This following map allows to locate some places mentioned above. Don't hesitate to zoom !


Ferme de La Poterie

45450  Donnery   France

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