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1428 : First there was Jehan Beaupot Lejeune who was living at that time in Orléans and purchased La Poterie in Donnery

1467 : Then later came Pierre Beaupot, a tanner, who founded the church in Donnery.

1518 :The farm, formerly called La Mazure Margueron or La Glazière as mentioned.In a 10 years lease, Beaupoterie and Poterie farm which came together simultaneously during the 18th century.


At the end of the 18th century the Beaupoterie farm (today called La Poterie), belonging at that time to a notary from Orléans, was one of the biggest in Donnery comprising 85 hectares in 1791, not including the extra 15 hectares rented out to a farmer.


After having been a mixed breeding farm, today it contains 100 hectares in which cereals and oleaginous plants are cultivated.


1994: Because the buildings were difficult to maintain and no longer suitable for that kind of farming, we chose to develop another activity, which is to say, a Bed and Breakfast as well as gites.




The farm of La poterie takes its name from the Beaupot family, tanners  from Orléans whose name appeared several times during the 15th century in Donnery.

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